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Our Beautiful world with huge population doesn’t change with one’s charity.

Our website motto: Share your Humanity and make others human

There are thousands of websites to share everything. But, being Human if there is a website to share everyone’s Humanity. So, it will remind us to do small good thing daily or weekly.

If we inspire 1000 people per day to donate at least food which costs Rs.10 = Rs.10,000 indirectly we spent on society.

Our Target is the whole world.

This is our pilot project how and what gonna be in our website. the actual one is a social network where every one will get a profile and list of their humanity

Humanity In Me:

It is a section where you can share your Humanity. It stands a proof that being human what we did in our life (A list of Humanity done by us)


Humanity To Me:

Many people might helped us, we may got chance or missed chance to express our gratitude. We can share those details that we got helped by someone known or Unknown.

Humanity In Others:

Our grandparents, parents & relatives who cannot access internet we can share here.



Every day the count of Humanity will start in our website & our Aim is to see 1, 00,000 count per day.


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